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Cloud first

Atlassian Cloud Strategy

Atlassians hosting offers are changing

Atlassian's mission is clearly defined to become a "cloud-first" company. Atlassian has defined this as the #1 priority and continues to invest heavily in all cloud products, as well as in procedures and tools to support the switch from server products to the Atlassian Cloud. As already announced in October, the server products will be discontinued with an already defined schedule:

  1. 2020OctoberAnnouncement date
  2. 2021February 2End of sale of licenses, changes to prices and apps
  3. 2022February 2End of upgrades und downgrades for user levels
  4. 2023February 2End of sales of new apps for existing licenses
  5. 2024February 2End of support

In addition to the Cloud versions, Atlassian still offers a self-managed enterprise version with Data Center, especially for larger companies and companies that for certain reasons cannot yet switch to the Cloud. In addition to continuously investing in new functions for Data Center, Atlassian wants to make it easier for customers and users to share the Cloud and Data Center with a more uniform administration experience and better mutual integration of the two offerings.

ByteSource supports you equally on both journeys and makes you fit for the future. On the one hand, we support you when you switch from servers to the Atlassian Cloud; on the other hand, we plan the move to highly available and scalable data center products especially for "enterprise" companies. Regardless of whether you want to operate Data Center on the premises or use our Data Center AWS Cloud Services, as the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and AWS Advanced Solution Partner, we are your right companion on this journey.

The migration journey with an experienced partner

ByteSource Cloud Migration Service

We accompany you through the migration project with a standardized process plan and tools developed by Atlassian, which supports you organizationally and technically in all phases.

Phase 1: Assess and Justify

We want to get to know your needs and find out whether the Atlassian Cloud is the right decision for you. We review your current instances and products together and discuss your ideas for a future solution with you. In addition to the goals, we also define the time and financial framework. Especially with instances that have grown over the years, we show you ways and possibilities to merge or clean them up before a migration. Furthermore, we support you in collecting your stakeholders accordingly in order to guarantee the appropriate support from your management for a successful implementation.

Phase 2: Plan and Prepare

We make your current environment ready for a cloud migration. Server upgrades are carried out, instances are merged, content is cleaned up and, if necessary, we also give impus to optimize internal processes. We create a cloud trail for you and prepare an initial test migration. You have the option to migrate complete instances, or to move individual projects and areas step by step to the cloud. Of course, parallel servers and cloud licenses are not necessary. Test phases for the cloud migration are extended for the remaining duration of the current server or data center license (up to 12 months).

Phase 3: Testrun and Cloud QA

Together we will create a migration plan. Security aspects and data protection guidelines are carefully examined, documented and checked to see whether these are given in a cloud solution. We make your current environment ready for a cloud migration. Server upgrades are carried out, instances are merged, content is cleaned up and, if necessary, we also give inputs to optimize internal processes. We create a cloud trail for you and carry out an initial test migration. Using defined test cases, we check the pilot migration in detail.

Phase 4: Live Migration Support and Final QA

The changeover to the cloud itself can, as already mentioned, be carried out in a "Big Bang", or it can be done step by step. We support you in both variants with a precise schedule (cookbook) to ensure a secure handover to your company and to bring your users to the new platform. After transferring the data to the production cloud, we conduct smoke tests together and accept the product with your key stakeholders.

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Our tool stack

Migration assistants

Helping tools for the migration from Atlassian and AtlasMerge

JIRA Software

JIRA Cloud Migration Assistant

When is the JIRA Cloud Migration Assistant used (available for Server and Data Center):

  • When migrating from JIRA Software or Core Server to the Cloud
  • When you just want to migrate individual projects from the Server to the Cloud
  • When you migrate to a new or already existing Cloud site
  • When you want to check your current JIRA apps for your Cloud availability
  • When you want to carry out test runs of the migration from JIRA Server to the Cloud
  • When you want to check your migration for possible errors in projects, boards or filters in advance
JIRA Software

Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

When is the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant used (available for Confluence Server and Data Center):

  • When you migrate users or data from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud
  • When you only want to migrate individual spaces and their attachments
  • When you want to check your apps before you switch from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud
  • When you execute test runs of migration from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud
  • When you want to check whether users, groups or even spaces can be transferred correctly and consistently

Migration and consolidation of JIRA and Confluence instances with the support of AtlasMerge

In larger companies in particular, several JIRA and Confluence Server instances are often operated. These instances are often promoted by different areas or have arisen in the course of large projects / programs and are operated in parallel with the instances supervised by the responsible IT departments. See the end-of-live announcement of Atlassian server products as an opportunity to migrate these costly systems to one instance, to standardize processes and to save costs.

We offer you a transparent service package to consolidate your JIRA and Confluence Server instances with the help of AtlasMerge and to migrate them to an efficient and scalable Data Center instance or to the Atlassian Cloud. We support the operation of a Data Center solution on-premises or in an AWS Cloud, as well as operate a JIRA / Confluence Data Center as an AWS Cloud service.

Central security and control for your entire company

Atlassian Access

The company-wide Atlassian Access subscription ensures more security and centralized management of all Atlassian Cloud products. Including Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the security of all users and data across different Atlassian Cloud products. Access enables administrators to create a scalable control plan without compromising agility and collaboration.

  • Access offers uniform user and policy management for all cloud products and supports compliance with company guidelines.
  • Access protects your company through improved security and compliance controls with secure authentication methods, comprehensive insights into audit logs and better control over API tokens.
  • Access optimizes lifecycle management for users. Synchronize users and groups from external directories and provide these accounts centrally for all products.
  • Access connects Atlassian and its identity systems and thus ensures more security and control of your products in the Cloud.
  • SAML-Single-Sign-On (SSO)

    More security and easier login

  • User lifecycle management

    Automate user provisioning and de-provisioning

  • Synchrinosation with Active Directory

    With Okta, Azure, OneLogin and more

  • Company audit log

    Insights into key activities

  • Insights into the organization

    Follow up on product acceptance

  • API Token Controls

    View and manage API access

  • Mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    Requires verification upon login

  • Authentication Policies

    Adjust settings based on users

  • Security integrations (CASB)

    Monitor suspicious activity

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Companies who trust ByteSource

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Bitpanda GmbH Wertkarten GmbH
Tractive GmbH
Eversports GmbH
And over 60 more...

Trayport VisoTech GmbH hired BytesSource to replace the existing bug and issue tracking tool with the state of the art ITSM tool Jira. After the first contact, it was clear that we found the right partner for the implemenation and also for future operation of Jira. Due to their expertise in the field of Atlassian products combined with fast response times and providing problem solutions within a short time frame, we see ByteSource as an important partner in the future as well.

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Johann Schütz
Head of Operations

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) hired ByteSource to increase the capacity for the roll-out of our retail risk management platform but also to add creativity for solving existing and upcoming issues. After the initial phase, ByteSource quickly became an important part of the project team. Their competence in the area of professional software development and operations combined with the ability to provide problem solutions within a short time-frame enabled RBI to introduce agile development methods. ByteSource proved to be a reliable partner providing transparent results as required by the project management. We see in ByteSource a strong partner, also for future projects

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Thomas Lea
Head of IT Delivery - RWA Credit Risk Calculation

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