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We advocate, teach and implement "DevOps" principles, mindset, methodologies and solutions in a holistic way - designed for your organization. Empowering you in all phases, focusing on people, processes and technology - in that order!

  • Metrics and Visibility

    Helping you understand where you are and where to improve. Together we make your work visible and measurable by introducing metrics like Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Restore, Change Failure Rate and custom KPIs to your organization. Leading by facts, not gut feelings.

  • Continuous Everything

    Defining what Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment mean to your organization. Providing Continuous Delivery farms that let you build, release and deploy - any language, any platform. Saving teams time with standardized pipelines that enforce best practices in developing and shipping software.

  • Monitoring and Alerting

    We get insights and analyze both - infrastructure and applications - by metrics and logs. Create unified dashboards to get an overview about your products. Monitor and alert your environments in real time. Analyze, decide and improve based on historical data. Acting on facts, not gut feelings.

  • Modern software delivery concepts

    Enhance your software delivery lifecycle by introducing secret management, centralized logging and application/infrastructure metrics platforms. Be confident about the state of your local, dev and prod environment setup with Infrastructure as Code. Usable and loved by both: humans and machines.

Solutions for all Phases

Select a phase and see how we can help



Collaborate and share visions and ideas. Give managers, stakeholders, software architects, developers and operators the possibility to see what your vision and ideas are


Define requirements, plan roadmaps, communicate initiatives. Plan, track and visualize work progress. Link committed code, deployed releases, infrastructure, tests, security audits and deployments to a ticket. From Requirement to Release

BigPicture, Confluence, Easy Agile Roadmaps, eazyBI, Jira, Linchpin, Portfolio, QMetry, Slack, Tempo, Trello, XL-Release, XpandIT Xray



Providing a build-friendly environment. Reduce the time your employees need to spend setting up environments. Empower them to build the right solution for the given problem.


Infrastructure and examples are provided to enable a standardized development experience that is shared within the company. It is easy to kickstart a new software project, component or just a small interface with everything pre-configured to integrate into a CI/CD pipeline


All Languages and build tools

Continuous Integration


Enabling your builders to practice basic and advanced CI principles like automated testing, code quality checks or security scans. Give easy access to standardized pipelines and best practices within the organization


It is ensured, that every change to software or infrastructure is continuously tested based on modern standards, artifacts are stored in a central location and versioned and all quality and security requirements of your organization are met. Red/green feedback is quickly provided


AWS CodeStar, Artifactory, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Jfrog Xray, Nexus, QMetry, SeleniumBox, SonarQube, XL-Release, Vault, XpandIT Xray



Deploy everything with confidence anytime, anywhere - with a strategy of your choice. Enable a blame free streamlined deployment experience accross all stages and departments, leaving no one behind. Involve Q&A, Security and other Stakeholders. Stakeholders have a clear overview about what features are deployed on which environment.


The deployment works independently of the local infrastructure setup and is automated on all stages. Developers and operation teams share the same experience and are integrated in one workflow and mindset for delivering. Secret managers take care of secrets, certificates and other sensitive data


Ansible, AWS, AWS CodeStar, Ansible, Artifactory, Azure, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Jira Software, Kubernetes, SonaType Nexus, Vault, XL-Release



Every envolved team member has everything available to operate services and solve potential issues - collaboration between teams is frictionless.


Metrics and data are gathered and centralized and the system health is checked in realtime. Based on this data, alerts are created and defined actions and workflows are triggered to guarantee ongoing service. Easily do on call rotation and communicate service degradations. Secret managers take care of secrets, certificates and other sensitive data.


AWS, Azure, Confluence, Docker, ELK Stack, Grafana, Graylog, InfluxDB, Jira Service Managementt, Kubernetes, Microsoft Teams, Netdata, Opsgenie, Prometheus, Slack, StatusPage, Telegraf

Continuous Feedback


Give customers and employees the possibility to share feedback. Easily get in touch with your responding teams and find information in your knowledge base. Decide based on gathered metrics. Evolved teams improve based on the feedback gathered throughout the lifecylce.


Teams improve their workflow, products and services based on practices like postmortems, bugs, incidents, problems, customer feedback and the output of metrics.


Confluence, Custom Dashboards, eazyBI, Grafana, Jira Service Management, Microsoft Teams, Opsgenie, Slack, Statuspage

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