DevOps at ByteSource

DevOps at ByteSource

  • Cutoff deployment time and so the whole development cycle
  • Cuts down the operational costs by up to 80%
  • Eliminates over 90+% of the production incidents
  • Makes dev and ops talk to each other and test each others code
  • Testable infrastructure
    • Exactly as code
    • Component level
    • Acceptance level
    • Security (advanced topic)
  • Makes compliance executable
    • No misleaded checklists
    • No expensive pre-audits
  • Deploy the infrastructure anywhere in a reproducible way (even on developers laptops incl. complex cluster solutions)
    • with technologies like Vagrant, Chef, Docker etc
    • open source or free
  • Central Configuration Management with versioning
    • Chef, Puppet with git backend
  • Technologies that power “the Cloud”

IT is changing. It was a long time ago when IT was a complete, delivered product. IT is an evolving, complex system of linked living systems. It is getting harder and harder to separate where Development ends and where Operations begins. This is why the DevOps movement is gathering strength and pace every year. During the project phase there are decisions taken which have an effect on operations for years to come. Developers are perhaps not aware of the pain that can lie in servicing poorly thought through choices over the next years. In the same way that operations were never involved during the creation of the product and so complex problem solving is an significant obstacle. DevOps looks to blend the classic sysops role and developer to improve communication and collaboration. Making decisions together, thinking about consequences enabling good long-term design right from the beginning. The DevOps team can take full advantage of the product and infrastructure for performance, testing and security. Who wouldn’t want to take a look at the advantages DevOps has to offer:

  • Sysops Innovating
  • Developers taking advantage of Latest Hardware
  • Reduced time to market
  • Fewer incidents
  • Lower costs
  • Less Risk
  • Nobody saying “It’s not my job.”

Here at Bytesource we are experts in this field. We have vast experience in converting a room full of people passing responsibility to a point where Development and Operations melt together to create one seamless delivery unit. Producing quality, tested software that is used for years to come. Keeping the team on cutting edge infrastructure and software where the team grow and learn together understanding each others needs and taking full advantage of the individual skills.