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Custom solutions for your ideas. At any scale - in any industry. Shippable software by experienced engineers.

Never give up your vision

Creating solutions, for whatever you want

We architect, develop, ship and operate custom solutions at any scale for customers of all sizes. Delivering Backends, Frontends, Mobile Apps, CLIs and other system integrations. In the cloud and on-premise, with the right technologies and best practices. Batteries included - for 10+ years.

  • Agile Software Development

    We <3 agile, we are agile. We deliver solutions based on your requirements with agile software development methodologies like fast feedback loops, automated testing, continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Take advantage of our prototyping ability as leverage or pitch for your idea - PoCs and MVPs shipped in just under a week.

  • Enterprise Architecture & Application Integration

    Our extensive experience with enterprise architectures and systems is your advantage. We aim to deliver (internal) systems that are built with scalability, security and other enterprise requirements in mind. Whether it is creating an integration to an external service, introducing a new message broker or creating a new facade to a legacy API - we have been there before

  • DevOps & SRE

    DevOps methodologies and principles determine our way of architecting, developing, shipping and operating solutions for our customers. We also strongly identify with the concepts of Site Reliability Engeneering (SRE). If required, we advocate and teach those concepts to your organization.

  • Battle Tested and Cutting Edge

    Our goal is to provide the best solution to the given problem. Therefore, we insist on using both: Battle tested and cutting edge technology. You can expect us to have deep knowledge of both. Helping you evaluate, compare and understand technologies, tools, processes, frameworks and languages for your requirements.

Our Strengths

Metrics and Dashboards
Rapid Prototyping
Fast PoCs and MVPs
Modern technologies
Systems integration
Automated Testing
Microservices, Monoliths and everything in-between
Event driven architectures
Enterprise Java
Deliver value in time
Scalability, Resilience and Security
Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

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Never give up your vision

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