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Technical consulting/software architecture/agile programming

IT processes traditionally tend to be handled in a rigid, bureaucratic, and resource-intensive manner. With the focus on “agile software development”, ByteSource strives to make out with considerably fewer rules and, by giving greater consideration to the human aspects, design the processes to be faster and leaner. The pure planning phase is reduced to a minimum in order to attain executable software as soon as possible. This software is then provided to the customer at regular, short intervals for adaptation. It is thus possible to address customer wishes in a flexible manner at all times and to increase customer satisfaction as a whole.

Development cycles are generally designed to be short at the outset. Hence the agile methods of ByteSource are especially well-suited for responding to changing requirements. As a rule, the requirements are established with short descriptions only, and are formulated shortly before the start of implementation and test preparation.

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development does not stop with your repository. The proper infrastructure development improves the speed of development and the quality of your deployments and simplifies the integration between development and operations.

Technology Consulting

The experience of Bytesource experts includes Agile Development of individual software, optimizing performance, security audits, introduction of agile ALM, comprehensive code audits with high customer focus, reliability and passion for IT.

Atlassian Experts

ByteSource Technology Consulting is listed as “Atlassian Expert”. Atlassian is an international company offering software solutions targeted towards the cooperation within teams.
Whether you would like an on-site demonstration or support with the implementation and integration of Atlassian products in your existing environment – we’ve got the experts for the job!

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