Customer Service Innovation: The Success Story of Krone Sonne and ByteSource at the Confare #CIOSUMMIT2024

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Mané Manukyan

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We had the honor of participating in the 17th Confare #CIOSUMMIT2024 alongside CEYOND, Krone Sonne, and ZOHO, the leading IT management event in Austria. This event provided us with an excellent platform to meet with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into best practices and current trends in IT management. Our participation allowed us to share our experiences, key learnings, and planned steps, while simultaneously gathering strategic insights and inspiration for the future.


Collaboration that paves the way

Ivo Titscher, Managing Director of ByteSource Deutschland GmbH and expert in digital and agile transformations, and Thomas Jobst, Head of Customer Service at Krone Sonne GmbH and specialist in customer management with AI, delivered an informative lecture on how AI can revolutionize customer service. ByteSource is recognized as one of the largest Atlassian Platinum Partner Enterprise and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners in Austria, with profound experience in scaling tools and implementing agile transformations. Krone Sonne GmbH, an innovative joint venture between Krone and Burgenland Energie, specializes in renewable energy solutions and has installed over a thousand systems nationwide. Their expertise in the online planning and ordering of photovoltaic systems simplifies the transition to renewable energies for customers without compromising on quality and service. The partnership with ByteSource enabled Krone Sonne to efficiently achieve their customer service goals.

Customer Service Optimized Through AI

At the Confare #CIOSUMMIT2024, ByteSource and Krone Sonne had the opportunity to speak about the genesis, development, and successes of their collaboration. Krone Sonne faced a challenge when their customer service line was overwhelmed during peak marketing times, leading to longer waiting times and potential dissatisfaction. The solution came in the form of a virtual assistant powered by AI running on AWS infrastructure, developed with support from OpenAI. This assistant was able to immediately and accurately respond to customer inquiries, resulting in a noticeable improvement in website interactions, increased lead generation, and enhanced customer satisfaction.



Our attendance at the Confare #CIOSUMMIT2024 was a resounding success. The presentations by Ivo Titscher and Thomas Jobst provided valuable insights into how Artificial Intelligence can improve customer service. We are encouraged to share our knowledge and look forward to future events that will continue to drive progress in our industry.

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