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Embrace the Latest Advancement in Human-AI Collaboration with Atlassian Rovo

A year ago, Atlassian introduced Atlassian Intelligence to assist teams in boosting productivity through AI. Since then, Atlassian has focused on leveraging AI to tackle the complex issue of enterprise search and knowledge discovery. The aim is to transform data from Atlassian and third-party providers across your entire company into actionable insights and knowledge-driven decisions.

According to a recent Gartner® survey, "47% of digital workers struggle to find the information needed to effectively perform their jobs" (Source: Gartner Press Release). Given that large companies (with over 2,000 employees) on average use over 230 apps, this is not surprising. With such vast amounts of corporate data, valuable knowledge remains locked in information silos – a costly problem that worsens over time. Imagine having a straightforward solution that not only allows you to find exactly what you need but also helps you understand its relevance to your work and how to respond without needing to switch between different tools.

Discover Atlassian Rovo

Powered by Atlassian Intelligence, Rovo is a new product designed to help you turn information into action in no time. It accelerates finding, learning, and information processing, all scattered across a range of internal tools:

  • Find: Search across data, tools, and platforms (including third-party apps and custom-built systems) to obtain context-relevant and relevant results within your Atlassian experience.
  • Learn: Gain deeper insights into your company's data for comprehensive data exploration through AI-driven insights, knowledge cards, and AI chats.
  • Act: Integrate specialized agents into workflows to handle time-consuming tasks, complete projects, and solve complex problems.

But AI is only as useful as the data it accesses. Over 20 years, Atlassian has analyzed team workflows, integrating this knowledge into the "Teamwork Graph," a proprietary common data model. This is the secret sauce that makes Rovo and all other Atlassian AI capabilities stand out. The Teamwork Graph draws data from Atlassian tools and other selected SaaS apps to provide a comprehensive overview of your organization's goals, knowledge, teams, and work. The Teamwork Graph grows and enhances its results with every new tool connection and team action.

Find Answers Faster with AI-Powered Search

Rovo Search brings the most contextually relevant and actionable results to light, regardless of where the data is stored or in what format it exists. It understands what your teams are looking for and delivers comprehensive insights from all your enterprise systems.

With Rovo, you get clear answers in seconds as it searches through your Atlassian content as well as selected third-party content. From Jira issues to files in Google Drive and even forgotten SharePoint documents – Rovo finds it all for you. Additionally, Atlassian is developing a specialized search feature for your custom in-house applications, whether it's for finance or human resources, to provide tailored answers for your team or industry. Discover all your chosen SaaS apps and individual data sources – all within the inspiring Atlassian Experience.


How Rovo Search Works:

  • Rovo Search delivers actionable results from your content to identify team members with relevant expertise and discover related topics. Teams find exactly the information they need in large datasets and can integrate additional data from various tools like Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Slack, and Figma to get more comprehensive answers if needed.
  • The Rovo API enables integration of industry-specific and custom-built apps, including niche applications and self-developed software.
  • Personalized and context-relevant search results that fully respect enterprise-wide permissions. Employees only see the information shared with them, while restricted data remains private. Administrators have full control over search connections and data access.

Get Precise and Comprehensive Answers from Your Company-Specific Data

Rovo understands your company's knowledge, people, processes, goals, and more, allowing teams to interact with corporate information in innovative ways. Rovo not only helps find information but also supports interactive learning for deeper understanding through tools like Rovo Chat.


What to Expect in Detail?

  • Instant, Up-to-Date Insights: Knowledge cards provide contextually relevant snapshots of projects, goals, team members, and more based on company data. Teams get instant answers while working, and knowledge cards become smarter as more data enters the Atlassian Teamwork Graph.
  • Interactive Chat: Rovo Chat enables teams to have interactive conversations to ask questions, generate ideas, receive feedback, and solve problems while working. The chat leverages company data and becomes smarter as your teams use it more frequently.


  • AI-driven Learning: When answering questions, Rovo provides related topics and follow-up inquiries to assist teams in delving into further details. Additionally, it acts as an effective jargon decoder. Over three-quarters of Atlassian employees who tested the feature reported that Rovo helped them understand unfamiliar acronyms and terms.


Optimize Your Workflows with Rovo Agents, Your Virtual Teammates

Rovo Agents will revolutionize teamwork by synthesizing large amounts of corporate data, breaking down complex tasks, learning while acting, and collaborating with human team members to make crucial decisions. They are more than upgraded chatbots, bringing specialized knowledge and skills into various workflows and processes:

  • Generate, review, and refine content for marketing and PR communications, product specifications, goal descriptions, and more.
  • Automate and optimize tasks such as creating a design for new requests, acting when a Jira issue evolves, or reviewing content after creation.
  • Answer questions, recommend best practices, integrate UX research into Jira specifications, create service checklists, or contribute to custom knowledge databases.
  • Support onboarding new employees, build team morale, and facilitate team collaboration.
  • Optimize time-consuming tasks such as cleaning up Jira backlogs, organizing Confluence pages, or customizing content to formatting specifications.


Agents are your virtual teammates, collaborating with their human counterparts to solve complex problems and drive work forward. They are tailored to the company's knowledge and act according to additional instructions, always involving human team members.

How Agents Work:

  • Agents are developed with accountability in mind. Administrators have control over whether agents are enabled or not. Agents provide feedback as they navigate workflows, ensuring you always remain in control – whether interacting with humans, other agents, or both.
  • Teammates, always there when and where you need them: Agents are integrated into a team's workflow and can be configured to respond to specific triggers, such as creating a task, a comment, or a regular time, and act accordingly.
  • Versatile and easy to create: It is assumed that Rovo contains over 20 agents by default. Organizations can also create customized agents using Atlassian's text-based interface or Forge, our no-code extension platform. Additionally, teams can explore a variety of agents in the Atlassian Marketplace, with over a dozen already in the works from popular providers.

Atlassian Rovo with Atlassian Intelligence offers an advanced solution for human-AI collaboration to unlock your company's knowledge. It aims to transform data into actionable insights and simplify enterprise search. Through internal tools and Rovo Agents, teams can find, learn, and act faster. Administrators have control over agent activation, feedback, and workflow optimization. Rovo provides a versatile and easy way to customize agents to meet specific requirements and lead the company into the future of collaboration.

Source: Introducing Atlassian Rovo AI

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