10 (new) ways Atlassian Intelligence helps your team work smarter

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The Latest in Human and AI Collaboration in the Atlassian Cloud Portfolio

Atlassian Intelligence has revolutionized teamwork since its introduction last year, with customers like FanDuel, Workato, and Ovo Energy experiencing an average time savings of over 45 minutes per week. But that's just the beginning! We're excited to introduce more features of Atlassian Intelligence now available for our Cloud portfolio and give you a taste of what's to come! Let's delve into the 10 new ways Atlassian Intelligence enhances the work of individuals and teams.

1. Generative AI in the Editor

  • Create versatile content that fits your workflow
  • Early adopters eagerly use the AI-powered editor in Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Management to quickly create initial drafts, find action items, and enhance their writing skills. Now, Atlassian Intelligence also supports users in Trello and Bitbucket to generate pull request summaries, release notes, and other essential information.
  • Soon, the AI-powered editor will also be available in Jira Product Discovery. You'll also be able to refer to other Confluence pages and Jira tickets in your notes.

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2. AI-powered Summaries

Atlassian Intelligence already offers AI-generated summaries in Confluence and Jira Service Management to quickly update teams. Soon, intelligent summaries will also be available across various apps, including popular applications like Google Docs. Additionally, soon, comment summaries will be possible on Confluence pages to get relevant details on the latest changes. Ideal for vacation returnees or newcomers to projects.


3. Loom AI Workflows

Video messages offer an effective way to explain complex processes, especially in distributed or large teams where personal demonstrations are not always feasible. The upcoming AI workflows from Loom allow you to convert videos into various formats, from Jira issues to step-by-step guides that can be customized. Here's what you can do with Loom AI workflows:

  • Quickly report errors: When an error is documented with a Loom video, Loom AI workflows automatically fill in Jira issues from your presentation. They even automatically capture console logs, network requests, and more – so your developers can fix errors even faster.
  • Simply document processes: Simplify onboarding and training when using AI workflows to create accurate documentation in Confluence. AI workflows follow the steps outlined in your video to create SOPs, step-by-step guides, and more
  • Improve code reviews: Replace live code reviews with a Loom video and watch as AI workflows automatically generate pull request descriptions, code documentation, or QA steps from your transcript.


4. AI in Whiteboards

Atlassian Intelligence helps translate ideas into action by generating them on a Confluence whiteboard and grouping them based on similar concepts. This allows teams to effectively conduct workshops and brainstorming sessions, quickly turning ideas into concrete actions by transferring the whiteboard to Confluence pages or Jira tickets.


5. AI Work Breakdown

Atlassian Intelligence breaks down large tasks into small subtasks by suggesting splitting epics into tasks or tasks into subtasks. Users can customize and approve these suggestions, after which all tasks are created and organized. The feature is currently being gradually introduced in beta and will soon be available to all users.


6. AI Issue Reformatter and Related Resources

The AI issue reformatter, an option for generative AI prompts, reviews and revises problem descriptions in a consistent framework to clearly structure work. Related resources help teams save time by avoiding the need to check multiple places to find relevant context for a task. They automatically find and present important information from your tools and documentation and link it to a Jira project.


7. Virtual Agent in the Help Center

Since implementing the Jira Service Management toolset, including Assets and Virtual Agent, FanDuel has reduced the number of support tickets requiring human intervention by a whopping 85%. And that's not all. The Virtual Agent will soon be available in Microsoft Teams and the help center of Jira Service Management. Simply enter a question in the help center search field, and the AI will retrieve the answer along with links to related resources.


8. Natural Language AI Automation Rules

Automate tedious tasks without programming. Simply describe what you want to automate, and the AI will create the rule for you. Customers who have used AI in Confluence have already automated five times more tasks than others. This saves time! You can now use natural language to create automation rules in Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Management.


9. AIOps

Prepare for AIOps in Jira Service Management to optimize your incident management workflows. Atlassian Intelligence will soon help teams group similar alerts, detect patterns, suggest potential causes, recommend resources like runbooks, and automate post-incident reviews.


10. AI Chart Templates and Insights in Atlassian Analytics

Atlassian Intelligence helps you effortlessly visualize and interpret data. By converting natural language questions into SQL in Atlassian Analytics, teams can search data regardless of their technical skills. Now, AI also provides a natural language interpretation of your data when creating charts.


11. (BONUS!) Atlassian Rovo - More Coming Soon... STAY TUNED!!!

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Data Makes the Difference

Underneath the surface lies Atlassian's teamwork graph, which consolidates and structures data from your Atlassian products, Marketplace apps, and connected third-party SaaS tools. With over two decades of experience and the contextual information in your instance, Atlassian can provide AI, collaboration, automation, and analytics like no other.

New features are continuously being introduced in Atlassian Intelligence, enabling teams to realize their visions while handling your data responsibly.

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