AI-Assistant for ZOHO Desk und SalesIQ

A future-proof solution for companies that want to make their customer communication more efficient. Revolutionise your customer support with advanced integration and automation features.


Austria's leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and first AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner.

What does AI for Zoho Desk & Sales IQ offer?

Key Features

The new AI assistant is not just a chatbot, but a dynamic, intelligent system that is set to revolutionise interaction with customers.

Fast response times

The AI assistant guarantees response times of less than 5 seconds, which leads to a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

High accuracy and personalization

By utilizing user history and context, the AI assistant achieves an accuracy rate of over 90% in the answers it provides.

Seamless data integration

The assistant integrates easily with systems such as ZOHO Desk and SharePoint to ensure real-time data access and increase efficiency.

Robust security and compliance

The AI Assistant uses AWS VPC to provide optimal data protection and security standards within a virtual private cloud. In addition, the storage of data in Europe ensures compliance with EU data protection regulations. The system's integrated AWS redundancy guarantees continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Flexible interaction options

The assistant supports seamless transitions from automated chatbot conversations to live support from human employees to effectively handle complex requests.

Natural language conversations

The AI assistant enables real-time interactions supported by both artificial intelligence and human agents to provide a lifelike conversational experience.


Why AI for Zoho Desk & Sales IQ

Increased support efficiency

The AI assistant reduces the need to answer repetitive and simple queries manually, which dramatically reduces response times.

Improved onboarding process

New support employees can learn faster and familiarise themselves more effectively by interacting with the AI assistant.

Higher customer satisfaction

The assistant significantly improves the customer experience by providing quick and precise answers.

Data protection and security

With GDPR compliance and a data protection-friendly architecture, the AI assistant offers a secure solution for companies in the EU.

Why wait? Your AI-Assistant for ZOHO Desk & Sales IQ is ready!Reach out to us and elevate your customer experience.

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The AI assistant provides a central point of contact for all our customer interactions.

Thomas Jobst

Head of Customer Support

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