Group Data Warehouse


2005-2006 For a major Austrian bank we assume the responsibility to design a new group data warehouse as a base for all Basel II reporting tasks.

The requirement:

On the system architecture side, we redesign the already existing SMP-based system and evaluate the new Linux based version in comparison to the Unix based one. The new solution distinguishes itself through increased stability and performance. So the decision is made for a Linux based cluster solution (Oracle RAC), which runs on cost-effective commodity hardware. We develop the entire underlying IO system from scratch. On the software side, we introduce new technologies for all ETL-related steps.

The result: 

Most of the developmental effort is guided by a model-driven architecture (code generation based on metadata). Measured by the ETL jobs in the production environment, the new system achieves 40 to 50 times the performance of the original Unix based system.

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