J2EE – Coaching and Architectural Design


2005-2006 We provide J2EE architecture consulting for a leading international technology company based in Germany.

The requirement: The education and training of approximately 70 software developers in the areas of Enterprise Java, handling transactions, data persistence, asynchronous communication, etc. We also implement test driven software development (TDD) in combination with the corresponding tools. To ensure data persistence, we design and develop an OR mapping layer for a telecommunications specific database system. The effort of integrating further projects is reduced by introducing of technologies, such as Dependency Injection and its corresponding frameworks.

Together with the software architecture department, we

  • develop end-to-end blueprints,
  • create reference implementations,
  • conduct code reviews,
  • pair programming sessions,
  • use code metrics,
  • use continuous build management.

The result: After the project has been completed, the customer’s internal development team will be capable of working independently, and at a higher and more constant developing speed.

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