Containerize Apps on Amazon ECS

Make the most out of your containerized apps by utilizing Amazon ECS, the highly scalable, secure and reliable container management service.


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Supercharge your container workloads

Next-Level Container Management with Amazon ECS

Launch thousands of containers without worrying about operations, security or resource bottlenecks. Amazon ECS offers you a highly integrated container experience while also improving cost-efficiency.


Amazon ECS makes it easy to scale containers up or down as needed, helping to ensure that applications are highly available and performant. You decide whether you want to run on a managed ECS cluster or fully serverless on AWS Fargate.


Amazon ECS provides built-in security features, such as Amazon VPC networking and IAM role-based access control, helping to secure containers and their associated data.

Seamless integration

Amazon ECS integrates with other AWS services, such as Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, and Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, making it easy to build, deploy and run complex applications.


Amazon ECS provides a cost-effective solution for running containers, you only pay for the resources you consume. This can help reduce infrastructure costs compared to traditional virtual machines or bare metal servers.

Container Orchestration - Amazon ECS vs Amazon EKS

Looking for Advanced Features?

Do you have a complex workload or need to build a central container platform for your team? Amazon EKS could be the perfect solution for you! Let's work together to determine which of these two options will bring the most benefits to your organization.

Need Some Ideas?

Common Amazon ECS Use Cases

Whether you're looking to deploy new microservices or lift-and-shift existing containers, Amazon ECS has you covered.

Lift & Shift

Cloud Migrations

Lift and Shift Migration to Amazon ECS is a common use case for organizations looking to modernize their infrastructure while maintaining their existing application configurations. In this scenario, you take your existing containers and move them to the AWS cloud, utilizing Amazon ECS as the orchestration service. This allows you to benefit from the scalability, security, and cost-efficiency of the AWS cloud while reducing refactoring efforts. The lift and shift process is simple and straightforward, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to quickly and efficiently move to the cloud.

Serverless Containers

Increase Efficiency

Serverless containers on Amazon ECS allow you to run containers without the need to manage underlying infrastructure, making it an attractive option when you are looking to build scalable and cost-effective applications. Serverless containers can be triggered in response to events and automatically allocate the necessary resources to run the container without the need to scale the underlying EC2 instances. This allows you to only pay for the compute resources you actually use, making it a cost-effective solution for containerized applications. Focus on on building and deploying your applications and forget about infrastructure!

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