DevOps Engineering

We see DevOps as an enabler to leverage AWS full potential. We advocate, teach and implement "DevOps" principles, mindset, methodologies and solutions in a holistic way - designed for your organization. Focusing on people, processes and technology - in that order!

AWS DevOps Engineering

Our Services

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the main enabler for DevOps on AWS. Define AWS infrastructure as code in version control (like AWS CodeCommit). Leverage IaC tools like AWS Cloudformation and Terraform to define, provision and maintain AWS infrastructure in a controlled, auditable, versioned, repeatable and automated manner.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

    Creating CI/CD pipelines to build, test and deploy applications and infrastructure in AWS. Leveraging native AWS services like AWS CodeCommit as source code version control system, AWS CodeBuild for building & testing and AWS CodeDeploy combined with AWS CodePipeline to do multi-stage deployments.

  • (Base) Image Management

    Building minimal, but secure & automated lifecycle management around AMI and OCI (docker) images used as base for your infrastructure and applications.

  • Observability

    Helping you to get insights into your workloads. Store, visualise and act on telemetry (logs, metrics, traces, other signals) of infrastructure and applications on AWS.

  • Application Delivery Platforms

    Deliver ideas to customer fast, economic and secure. Using a well architected application delivery platform leveraging technologies from AWS serverless, AWS RDS and AWS Container Services (ECS,EKS). Batteries like IaC, CI/CD, Base Image Management, Observability and Blueprints included.

  • Professional Services

    Working with your teams to embrace modern infrastructure and application delivery on AWS. We believe in people before technology, allowing the DevOps mentality to last longer than our engagement. We keep knowledge transfer as our number one priority to enable you further on your cloud journey. Be it integration of AWS services with your existing on-prem infrastructure, the setup of highly available and scalable DevSecOps solutions or the planning of complex, hands-off deployed cloud architectures, our team has the right expert for your project.

Technologies & Services

Qualified Professionals

Our professionals have claimed the following AWS certified qualifications

AWS Solution Architect Professional
AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
AWS Security Speciality
AWS Database Speciality
AWS Data Analytics Speciality
AWS Solution Architect Associate
AWS Developer Associate
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

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