Developing as well as using software can be very complex. Unwanted side effects followed by errors in the software are not uncommon and appear often, making this a very important issue. How does your company handle such situations? Are your employees able to react adequately and to manage the situation? We support you in using the right tools and provide you with the necessary knowledge to manage and solve these problems.

Some of the areas where we can provide support are:

In the design phase:

  • Network Design
  • Application Server Design
  • Database Design
  • Storage Design (online as well as secondary storage e.g. for Backup)
  • Introduction of a suitable resource management

Proactively and when problems occur:

  • Detection and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Low-level network analysis
  • Detection of resource-intensive and problematic Datenbankabfragen
  • Detection of problematic database design
  • Detection of Deadlocks (also caused by applications)

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