Ideal development as well as the correct use of software requires qualified know-how combined with practical experience. What is the best solution? How can this be found and implemented? Which is the adequate reaction to problems occurring while the software is in use? Our training aims at preparing you for any such situation, whilst we dedicate ourselves to the whole development process in your company.

In the development phase:

  • Development Guidelines (based on best practices or manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Develop for Performance (aiming at high performance from the beginning)
  • Security Aspects
  • Optimization of the development process (by applying agile techniques such as Scrum, XP etc.)

In operation

  • Administration and performance enhancement of applications
  • Administration of databases (focusing on architecture-specific tasks, e.g. development and maintenance of RAC or replication systems)
  • Proactive monitoring of applications (Software and Hardware)

In handling difficulties

  • Support and handling problem cases
  • Error analysis, error detection and error recovery

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