Performance Optimization

performance conceptual meter indicate maximum, isolated on white background

A software system that is not optimized does not only perform less, it also causes high costs for maintenance and service of the required resources. We offer performance optimization on various levels of software systems. Starting with the design of the existing system or the system to be developed we choose the appropriate software architecture. In doing so we concentrate on accomplishing the highest possible performance and apply efficient algorithms which are adapted to the existing resources. The implementation is carried out with high-quality code.

We also offer our services in optimizing the performance of other critical components. These can be:

  • Web servers or application servers (JVM-Tuning, Heap Tuning and bottleneck analysis)
  • Database clusters like Oracle RAC (OS-Tuning, DB-Tuning)
  • Network components like Cisco Router, Linux-based routers or Linux-based firewalls
  • Storage-Tuning
  • Backup and recovery.