DevOps Maturity Model Report:
Trends and Best Practices

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Like many grassroots movements, DevOps practices have been slowly but steadily gaining traction among operations and software teams. But where has years of cultural change, infrastructure improvement, and tooling gotten us?

To answer this question, Atlassian partnered up with xMatters, a strategic technology partner that integrates with the Atlassian DevOps toolset, to research the state of DevOps practices today.

DevOps: It's working (for those who do it)

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In the survey, 41% of respondents reported doing DevOps. And what’s more, over 65% of that group said that their DevOps initiatives were producing the benefits they expected to see.

But, not everybody is doing DevOps yet. 59% of respondents either didn’t know what it was, or weren’t sure if their companies were doing it (these companies were excluded from the rest of the survey questions). This tells us that in the industry there is quite a big gap between companies doing DevOps, and companies who still consider it a buzzword.
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Culture: We're sharing tools, but not knowledge

80% Agree there are tools that both Dev and Ops use

80% of companies reported that development and operations share at least some tools, which is the first step in establishing DevOps culture. Another good indication of cultural alignment: companies also share information generated from these tools, though often with limited access.

Only 17% of companies reported having open information available to cross-functional teams in dynamic formats like wikis and chat rooms.

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Monitoring: Tooling can’t solve everything

75% reported monitoring infrastructure as well as applications and services

Of the companies surveyed, 75% reported monitoring infrastructure as well as applications and services, while 60% reported monitoring transactions and 51% user experience. And nearly 2/3 of respondents said that their monitoring solutions predict potential issues before users are affected.

However 50% of these companies still report finding issues in production after code is released. In fact barely half of the companies surveyed practice automated testing during their QA and testing process.

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