The expertise of your Bytesource experts covers agile development of individual software solutions, performance optimization, security audits, introduction of agile ALM, comprehensive testing with high customer focus, reliability and passion for IT. We are the right partner for various topics:

Enterprise Java



Our experience with the implementation of Java-based solutions will help you achieve your goals in terms of time, quality and agility.




Agile Development does not end at your repository. The right infrastructure increases both the speed of development as well as the quality of your deployments and facilitates integration between development and operations.

Modern Technologies

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We love to use the most innovative cutting edge technologies as soon as we are convinced that they are ready for the prime time. The JavaScript/Node.js community has achieved tremendous improvement in the simplicity and speed of development and we are excited to share our experience with customers.

Software Architecture


When it comes to sustainable software architecture, we are aware how important it is to define common standards at the beginning of a project and then stick to them throughout the entire project.

Clustering Technologies




Reliability, high availability and scalability are concepts, which become more and more important in many companies.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing


When talking about databases, data warehousing and BI we are the right partner to fulfil your requirements.

Agile Application Lifecycle Management



Agile ALM describes the usage of disciplines that govern the process of turning business ideas into software in an agile way.

Best Practices




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Experience gained in projects must be considered in follow-up projects.

Code Refactoring


Refactoring is the process of simplifying and cleaning the existing code base without changing the behavior of the software.

Code Reviews


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Code reviews help detect common anti-patterns and spread best practices over the whole team.




Developing and using software can be very complex and therefore requires a competent partner.




Ideal development as well as the correct use of software requires qualified know-how combined with practical experience.