Oracle RAC Cluster


The requirement

The current SPARC/Solaris based system can no longer handle the increasing transaction load. This affects the stability of the system, among other things. The “operations” and “development” departments are finding themselves being increasingly forced to work on Query levels as well as with workarounds. The central database is essential for the customer’s business operations. In addition, the budget for the new project is limited, so increasing the capacity of the existing system as well as further investments in the system are not feasible, from both a management and a technical point of view.

We develop a new design for an Oracle RAC and also design the I/O subsystem. Software from third party providers will be partially removed (e.g. Veritas Volume Manager, Sun Cluster, etc.), whereby the system becomes leaner, and stability and performance increase. The procurement costs for the new cluster amount to a mere quarter of the costs when compared to the SPARC based system.

The result

The new cluster system is able to handle ten times more of a system load than the “old” system and remains fail-safe for the entire duration of its use. Proactive monitoring instead of reactive efforts result in sinking administration and maintenance costs.

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