Online Payment Solution


The requirement

The product launch time plays a crucial role in its economic success. Therefore, this innovative product must be developed within an extremely short time frame.

In a development team of 8 to 12 people we go into production after about four months. The result upon completion of the project is a completely new system and software architecture. The development process is characterized by:

an agile approach automated software builds fully automated tests such as - unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests. A comprehensive palette of tools (most of them open source) supports the developer team in fulfilling their tasks. Their performance increases on a daily basis, which is also reflected in the high product quality. The new system architecture enables the launch of new releases without any impact on the user. The user will notice the change in the product the next time he logs into the system. The scalability of the product is taken into consideration right from the beginning. Steps must be taken to ensure that increased usage of the application can be accommodated by adding new hardware to the existing clusters. Any resulting license fees should remain within acceptable limits. Next to the high assurance that an application for financial transactions must provide, the system should also be designed in such a way that the effort of integrating systems from third party providers is kept as low as possible.

The result

A total of 23 different frameworks and tools will be implemented by the team during development iterations. At the end of the first implementation phase, the developed software and system architecture is declared as a reference for all other developments within the company. This agile approach will become the corporate standard within the project teams throughout the company.

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