Data Center with Zero Downtime Architecture


The requirement

“Zero Downtime” for all business-related applications. This includes critical database and middleware updates as well as application releases. Due to legal regulations, the loss of even a single customer request will not be tolerated. This also applies to frequent switches between the various data centers. In order to strengthen the company’s global competitive edge, the new concept focuses on low production costs, manageability, quick response to changes in requirements, flexibility, etc.

An actual analysis and evaluation of available technologies clearly shows that an “out of the box” solution cannot be realized within the scope of the budget available and within the restricted time window. Depending on the requirements of the customer as well as the existing possibilities, a technology concept is created with:

commodity hardware as a base, loose coupling of applications, the use of standardized communication protocols, real time asynchronous data replication, proactive monitoring, extensive use of clustering technologies.

The result

Success in meeting the demanding requirements of the customer due to close collaboration with the customer and third party providers. The majority of the systems implemented are based on open source technologies, next to solutions from commercial providers. Thus costs for licenses are kept low. An additional benefit for the customer is determined by the analyses we conduct on the applications affected. We then develop guidelines that are beneficial for the further development of applications. By introducing a fully automated provisioning and configuration management system, the effort for deployment and troubleshooting is kept at a low level. This enables the customer to meet specific regulatory provisions and guidelines. Technical presentations, workshops and trainings contribute to significantly improve the skills of IT professionals within the company. This enables them to operate as independently as possible in maintaining and further developing the system, without the help of third party providers.

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