DevOps with CHEF


Automate your local and cloud infrastructure


Fully Integrated into your Agile Pipeline – with automated Security and Compliance tests




DevOps with CHEF Training Package

We offer a modularized approach where you can select which topics fit your needs. The whole training will be done using either your local infrastructure or we will work on a cloud solution like OpenStack, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

CHEF Best Practices

  • Cookbook Development
  • CHEF Automate Licensing
  • Integration into the existing pipeline
  • Unit and Source Code Quality tests
  • Acceptance testing
  • Security and Compliance
  • Staging
  • Usage of community cookbooks
  • Berkshelf workflow
  • Cookbook documentation
  • Automated bootstrapping of nodes
  • much more….

Integration with JIRA Software and ServiceDesk

Bring your DevOps Assets into Atlassian JIRA
We support the following infrastructure providers:

  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Ansible tower
  • Matrix42
  • AWS EC2
  • VCenter (6.5)
  • OpenStack
  • more to come


chef Logo

ByteSource – Chef Gold Partner


1. Revenue acceleration

The average total cost of unplanned application downtime per year is $1.25B to $2.5B*.

with Chef

  • Fast and secure automatic deployment ensures a fast delivery of business value!
  • Remediate servers in hours versus days!
  • Can patch entire infrastructure within 6 hours of a patch being made available!


2. Chef accelerates the cost savings

The average hourly cost of an infrastructure failure is $100k per hour. The average cost of critical application failure per hour is $500k to $1M*.

with Chef

  • Failure rates down by over 90%!
  • Estimated cost per server fell from $5,200 to $65.
  • Estimated cost per 200 deployments fell from $1M to just $4k.!

3. Chef accelerates the productivity

The average number of deployments per month is expected to double in two years.

with Chef

  • Reduces the deployment time of an internet banking platform from 6 months to 18 minutes.
  • Reduced time to deploy SQL update across infrastructure from 3 days to 3 hours.
  • Eliminated 30 silos and merged groups into one community.
  • Reduce typical virtual server deployment from 80 hours to 1 hour.
  • Can deploy up to 140K node configurations in 8 hours.
  • Teams can concentrate on delivering business value.


4. Chef reduces the risk, increases Compliance

DevOps teams (DevOpsSec) will increasingly bring security, compliance, and audit teams into the project-planning cycle to embed some of these requirements in automated processes to reduce business and security risks

with Chef

  • Compliance Integration into CI Workflow by automated compliance tests.
  • Security and Compliance tests passed-> time to deploy reduction!
  • Deploy everywhere – > on Premises > Cloud > Hybrid-Cloud
  • Your whole infrastructure on a single Compliance Dashboard

*IDC Paper: DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000, Best Practice Metrics Quantified Q4 2014

‘By installing a rampant innovations culture, we performed 165 experiments in the peak three months of tax season. Our business result? Conversation rate of the website is up 50%. Employee result? Everyone loves it, because their new ideas can make it to market.’

Scott Cook, Intuit founder