Datebases, Data-Warehouse and Business-Intelligence

When it comes to databases our company is the right partner. We focus on the standards for SQL as defined by ANSI and ISO and especially in its implementation of Oracle. We analyze and consult on issues concerning data definition as well as data manipulation and are able to help you to optimize your system’s performance. We aim at a high efficiency of the product from the very beginning, closely adhering to the principle “develop for performance”.
When using Data-Warehouse Systems we rely on the latest technologies. We are familiar with ETL tools, such as Oracle Data Warehouse Builder. For loading processes in the desired target database we are able to use techniques which allow for real-time replication of the source systems, as well as SQL-based links between heterogenous systems. In Business Intelligence (BI) we execute the Code-Generation based on pre-defined Metadata on extraction, loading, validation and data cleaning.
We have collected comprehensive practical experience with highly-scalable and highly-available database systems, like Redis and MongoDB.
Some of the systems we support are: Oracle, Oracle RAC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SolidDB, DB2 and many more.

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