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3 steps to convince your team it's time to upgrade to Data Center

Many admins of Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other Atlassian Server products see the benefits of upgrading to Data Center products. They see rapid growth in usage and users and need more guarantees of uptime and performance at scale than their single-node Server applications can deliver. The next step is presenting the business case to the team.


Inside the guide we'll walk you through:

• How to describe the value of Data Center
• Quantifying the benefits with an ROI calculator
• Proving the timing is right

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Data Center

The Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability, performance at scale, and instant scalability when hosting Atlassian applications in your own data center.


High availability

Active-active clustering

Cluster multiple active servers to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure.

Distributed load

Use any form of load-balancing technology - hardware or software - to intelligently distribute load across your Data Center cluster.


Data Center deployments integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems to minimize single points of failure.

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Performance at scale

Concurrent user capacity
Each node in your Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance.

Application resilience
Increase application throughput to avoid performance degradation in the event of load spikes.

Highest quality of service
Dedicate nodes for automated tasks to ensure the highest possible quality of service for critical teams within your organization.

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Instant scalability

Hassle-free deployment

New nodes can join the cluster without downtime. Existing nodes automatically synchronize indexes and plugins with each new member.

Rapid re-indexing

Quickly re-index your application without locking the system, ensuring your users have maximum uptime.

Predictable costs

Our Data Center deployment option is licensed by user count, not by the number of servers or CPUs, so you can scale your environment without additional license costs.

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