AI-Assistant for Websites

Improve the user experience of your website with the AI Assistant for Websites, an intelligent chat solution that utilizes specific content from your site for effective, natural language communication. This robust AI tool enables instant and informative interactions.


Austria's leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and first AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner.

What does AI for Websites offer?

Key Features

The new AI assistant is more than just a tool to enhance efficiency; it's a complete solution that leverages modern technology to transform how businesses communicate and operate.

Chat in natural language

The AI assistant delivers an intuitive chat experience that replicates human conversations, facilitating smooth interactions for users.

Integration of customized content

The AI assistant leverages your website's existing FAQs and resources to deliver accurate and context-specific responses.

One-time installation

The AI assistant can be seamlessly integrated into websites with a one-time setup, simplifying data integration and minimizing manual adjustments.

Automated updates

The AI autonomously stays updated with the latest technological advancements and automatically adapts to changes in your website content to ensure effective user interaction.

Optional Agentic Functions

Additional features, such as automatic ticket creation, streamline operations and enhance user satisfaction.

Why AI for Websites?

Your Benefits

With the AI Assistant for Websites, you transform your website into a dynamic, interactive portal that not only meets but anticipates the needs of your visitors.

Enhanced support efficiency

By providing automated responses to frequently asked questions, support staff can focus on more complex, customer-specific inquiries.

Faster response times

Response times are drastically reduced since answers are immediately available and solutions are offered for any user issues.

Optimized onboarding and resource allocation

New support employees can handle much of their onboarding independently, saving time on customer support tasks and allowing for more resources to be allocated towards improving customer success.

Why wait? Your AI-Assistant for Websites is ready!Reach out to us and elevate your customer experience.

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