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 April 28th 2016 at 3:15 p.m.

Neubaugasse 43/5, 1070 Vienna

ByteSource Office

The Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability and performance at scale when hosting Atlassian applications in your own data center.

If you

* would like to get an overview of Atlassian Enterprise Data Center Offerings and their high availability and performance at scale

* would like to learn more about Atlassian Enterprise Services and Support

* would like to get first-calss support and feedback from our experts

then this is the right event for you!

Availability and Performance

High availability

Active clustering ensures users have uninterrupted access to critical applications. Data Center Products use industry standard load-balancing, database clustering and shared files systems to minimize downtime for your users in the event of unexpected hardware failure.

Performance at scale

Each node added to your Data Center cluster increases concurrent user capacity and improves response time as user activity grows. Dedicate nodes for automated tasks– like reporting or integrations – to ensure the highest possible quality of service for critical teams within your organization.

Instant scalability

Data Center is licensed by user-count, not by the number of servers or CPUs, so you can scale your environment without additional license costs. New nodes can join the cluster at any time. Existing nodes automatically synchronize plugins with each new member.

Support and Service

Premier Support

The Premier Support goes above and beyond Atlassian’s standard support to provide account-wide support from a team of senior support engineers for a customer’s business-critical Atlassian applications.

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Technical Account Management

This includes your trusted advisors and a single point of contact to help you get the most from your Atlassian investment. Help guide your team in deploying, expanding and supporting solutions designed for ease-of-use, flexibility, scale and availability.

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