Author: Margarita Penev

Customer Story FreeYup – HipChat

Background FreeYup Software Solutions GmbH is an independent Austrian startup company that came to us with the idea of a mobile app and hired us for our expertise and manpower to develop it. They were looking to develop an app that facilitates group communication, initially by providing the functionality of group voting. We started off the […]

Will Scrum change the way you do your yearly budget?

Let’s assume the following (unfortunately real) situation: You are IT-manager with budget responsibility. In Q2 2013 you are asked to provide your initial budget numbers for the planning of 2014. You are lucky as you have heard some rumors about new product ideas and you have a number of concrete improvement proposals to some of your products. […]

Agile Evening Vienna

As we strongly believe in agile practices around software development (and practise it for a long time), we take the initiative to organise a moderated group for Vienna. We do not yet know the frequency – this depends of course also on participants and their interest – but we know for sure, that we will […]

VMware Player 5.0.0 and Linux kernel 3.5 crash HowTo

After update of my workstation to Fedora 17 I installed WMware Player 5.0.0 and wanted to run my virtual machines. After installation the player started without any problem and I could open any virtual machine from the disk. But after starting the virtual machine it immediately crashed without any message. The system log told me […]

Atlassian Confluence – Page version link plugin

The Atlassian Confluence is a great enterprise wiki and colaborative tool which we intensively use along with other Atlassian products like JIRA. We also maintain several instances of the Confluence for our customers and from one of them we got a requirement which has no clear solution using existing Confluence features. The problem is that […]

Howto install Oracle 11XE Beta on Ubuntu 10.04 x64

I have just seen that the new 11G XE beta is out for Windows and Linux x64 and decided to try it out. You can download it at Unfortunately there is just an RPM and no DEB file. Here is the way how I achieve to run it on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64. […]

Mavenization of a SmartGWT EE project

We prefer the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for creating rich intranet applications mainly for it’s flexibility, fast development and availability of component frameworks. We also use Maven to build our Java projects. The combination of both frameworks works pretty good as Google provides all required artifacts via public repositories. In the last weeks we were […]

HowTo create a web application with Spring and JPA

One of my colleagues asked me recently to help him with building and configuring a simple web application with support of Spring IoC and JPA. Application should serve as a simple platform for testing and its only goal is persisting and reading of several entities. He wanted to learn how to add new services, how […]

Dozer and loading of dozerbeanmapping.dtd from the classpath

If you use the dozer library from, you will probably hate the fact that your application will try to connect to the internet and download the DTD from . That is due to the DOCTYPE declaration in the dozer XML mapping file, e.g.: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mappings PUBLIC “-//DOZER//DTD MAPPINGS//EN”    “”> <mappings> […]

Audit implementation via Spring AOP

Audit information containing, at least, logged-in user id and timestamp can be very useful information for each persisted object. Customer’s specifications do not usually mention it besides some cases when an entity requires some kind of sophisticated changes history tracking. From my experience having such an information quite often pays off. Our solution should fulfill […]