Privacy Policy for ByteSource Marketplace Apps

This privacy policy describes how we treat your personal information and data when you use ByteSource marketplace apps, hereafter referred to as “apps” or “the app”. ByteSource is responsible for the creation of the product. ByteSource is responsible for ensuring this privacy policy is applied regarding the use of the apps.

Personal Information

No personal information, or information stored on the installation server(s) is made available to ByteSource when you install the apps on a server of cluster of servers from those servers.
Atlassian make available certain technical contact and billing contact information to ByteSource via their Sales API when the plugin is installed and a license (evaluation or full) is applied to the plugin. Please see Atlassian’s privacy policy for details on how they treat your information.
ByteSource may analyse the Sales API and may use the email and/or telephone number to contact you.


All apps do not transmit any data from your server, nor from any client browser they run on to any third-party.

Changes to Privacy Policy

ByteSource may make changes to this privacy policy if it is necessary due to law or technical changes.

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