Case Study - static site hosting

Customer, Topic, Results

The Flat 1010 Vienna
High available, low maintenance Static Site HostingLow budget, high expectations
Services used
S3, Cloudfront, Certificate Manager, CDK, Ansible
High available, low maintenance static site hosting69% cost savings (monthly)
The Challenge
Find a cost effective, low maintenance and fast solution to host a static website that should be reachable during monthly peak booking times of our customer. The old hosting solution worked perfectly fine 95% of the time. Due to high demand and fairness to all customers of The Flat Vienna 1010, the owners open up bookings for only one month each. This means that when new bookings are announced at the end of the month, many customers try to get their booking - slowing down the performance or even making the booking service unavailable.
The solution is elegant and simple. The customer provided homepage was first put into a Version Control System (VCS) to provide the site builder a way to track versions. A S3 bucket was created and an automation which pulls the latest changes from version control to the bucket implemented. A cloudfront distribution was created and the issued Certificate from the Certificate Manager used. The DNS entry, which is currently hosted at another provider got pointed to the cloundfront distribution
Results and Benefits
The result is a cost efficient and low maintenance hosting solution for the customers static website, also available in the monthly peak during booking openings. A nice side effect is the cost reduction by 69%. As our customer noted: Low budget but high expactations, ByteSource delivered.
AWS is th leading public cloud provider and offers an easy way to host static websites that are highly available.
Why ByteSource
ByteSource is AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and offers fast solutions to your vision or problems. ByteSource is specialized in helping Clients jumpstart their Cloud Journey as well as catalyze Cloud Adoption and Migration

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