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What is Chef?

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Chef is changing how companies build and deliver applications, services and infrastructure. Born with the DevOps movement, Chef has distilled the experiences of successful web innovators into patterns that characterize the DevOps work ow. These patterns have been incorporated into Chef’s comprehensive suite of automation products, making Chef your partner on the journey to DevOps. Alaska Airlines, Bloomberg, Facebook, Intuit, Microsoft, Target, and Yahoo are among hundreds of commercial customers worldwide using Chef to safely deliver applications, compliance policies, and infrastructure at velocity. The most enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.

About the Workshop

We offer a modularized approach where you can select which topics fit your needs. The whole training will be done using either your local infrastructure or we will work on a cloud solution like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

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Attendees should bring a basic knowledge about Linux system administration, package management and service configuration. Basic programming knowledge and version control are also beneficial. All of that knowledge is also offered in the optional Module 0 as a starter for the workshop.


Attendees should bring a Laptop that they can work on, ideally with Administrative permissions. Any Laptop that can run and is supported by the following software fits

Any of those software options needs to be up to date, installed and working before the workshop begins.

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Module 0 - About Ops and Dev

Module 0 – About Ops and Dev

In this optional module we will cover topics that you will need for developing Chef and managing your infrastructure. The topics we can cover here are

  • Basic outlines of Programming in general and in Ruby, specifically.
  • Version control with GIT and workflows in Teams. This can also be done integrated with the Atlassian tools JIRA and BitBucket.
  • Virtualisation and Containerization systems and tools like Vagrant, VirtualBox, KVM/LibVirt, VMWare, OpenStack and Docker.
  • System administration and package management on Linux systems, BSD variants, MacOS and Windows.

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Module 1 - Basic Chef Training

Module 1 – Basic Chef Training

This module is about getting your development machine ready for Chef. We will install the Chef Development Kit and jump right in to developing the first Chef cookbook. We will use data collected by Chef about the machine to configure and start services and we will test our code by using Chefs integration testing framework Kitchen. This also includes writing automated tests that ensure the cookbook works throughout its life cycle.

Special interest will be taken on the fact that Chef can run on your servers at any time and will not break anything. With this training you will have the basic knowledge about writing cookbooks that can run on your infrastructure in regular intervals to keep your configuration and settings up to date.

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Module 2 - Workflow and tools

Module 2 – Workflow and tools

This module is about using the tools that come with the Chef Development Kit. We will use static code analysing tools to ensure all cookbooks use the same style of code which will ensure code is easily interchangeable between teams. We will also learn about continuous integration where you will have a central server testing your cookbooks before they can be released and we will see and discuss about possible workflows that fit your style of working.

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Module 3 - Community cookbooks

Module 3 – Community cookbooks

This module is about using community provided and open source cookbooks and tools. We will learn about what the community around Chef has created and in which ways that will be helpful with your work. Most importantly we will use various cookbooks either provided by the community as open source modules or provided by certified third party vendors. This way you can profit from the knowledge of the software vendors themselves about how to install and configure the software they provide automatically.

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Module 4 - Chef Server

Module 4 – Chef Server

In this module we will learn about how we can put the cookbooks we create into production use. We will learn about how to release a new version of our cookbook and how we can apply it step by step on development, staging and finally production systems.

We will also see which data the Chef server collects about your infrastructure and in which ways you can use this to automatically configure your systems accordingly. Here we will do a final exercise which will combine all the knowledge we gathered throughout the workshop. It will be about creating a cookbook which configures a server automatically using data about nodes on the Chef server, testing this cookbook in a virtual machine and releasing a new version. This will conclude the full workflow from the first line of code to a production ready and tested infrastructure automation.

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Module 5 - Compliance and Automation

Module 5 – Compliance and Automation

This module is about using the enterprise features of Chef, namely Compliance and Automate. Compliance is a module which will let you use the tests your write for your cookbooks and additional tests on your production infrastructure. Using this you can make sure your servers are compliant to the specific marginal conditions you specify. Automate is a team workflow server which can test your cookbooks and ensure that the release workflow you specify is maintained. With its special module Visibility automate can also visualize the status of chef and compliance on your server infrastructure.

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Module 6 - Advanced Topics

Module 6 – Advanced Topics

In this module we will have various advances topics which we can discuss and test. Amongst those are

  • Setting up a Chef server in production
  • Collecting customised data of your infrastructure
  • Sending notifications about the status of Chef runs to various channels
  • Managing secrets like passwords and certificates witch Chef

and several more topics.

Here we can also add special topics that cover special needs of your company.

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Module 7 - Hardening exercises

Module 7 – Hardening exercises

Working with a new software can be hard and its easy to forget unless you work with it on a day to day basis. In this module we will use Chef to solve problems that tackle your infrastructure to solve your own real problems and to harden everything we now know about Chef.

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  • 3 Days
  • 2.000,– Euro/course participant
  • min. 3 participants
  • max. 8 participants
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