Enabling Atlassian Bamboo’s expiry functionality – make space for new builds

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Enabling Atlassian Bamboo’s expiry functionality – make space for new builds

Margarita PenevBusiness Development Managerin - Margarita Penev

Margarita Penev

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We’ve had it happen yesterday. The classical “no available disk space” error, on our bamboo server. Well, brilliant, every Bamboo build stopped right in the track. And because I didn’t know that Bamboo had an expiry functionality, the next thing that rushed through my mind was “f***, now I have to manually delete files again”.

Expiry to the rescue

Bamboo has an expiry functionality built-in. Which means it will throw everything away that you will tell it to. Build Result logs, Artifacts, etc pp. So we went from 0 Bytes free to about 60GB free in under an hour, and here’s how.

How to enable Expiry

First, go to your administration page. It’s the cog icon to the top left. Then, on the left side, under Plans you will find the Expiry menu. Go there, and if it’s not enabled, enable it. You’ll now be able to select what you want to delete, how much you want to keep, etc pp. Klick edit, change the settings to your liking and hit save. Now Bamboo will clean itself by the schedule you’ve set up. And if you need it to be cleaned right now, hit the run button and it will start manually.

Hope that helped, and as always, leave feedback on what to make better.

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