Atlassian Confluence – Page version link plugin

The Atlassian Confluence is a great enterprise wiki and colaborative tool which we intensively use along with other Atlassian products like JIRA. We also maintain several instances of the Confluence for our customers and from one of them we got a requirement which has no clear solution using existing Confluence features.

The problem is that every document gets an unique ID in the moment of its creation and this ID is used for the whole life cycle. The ID is always assigned to the current (latest) version of the page or the blog entry. In the moment when the content of the page is altered then a new version is created and the previous version gets a new ID. If there is a need to bookmark the exact version of the page for any purpose, then there is a possibility for the latest version to append an URL parameter pageVersion=XY where XY is the version of the bookmarked document. But manipulating URLs is not a very convenient way therefore we have developed a plugin providing a link to this version of the page – meaning link to the currently displayed version. The link is displayed in the header of every page or a blog entry.

Our plugin is available for installation into the Confluence in the Atlassian Plugin Exchange and is named Page version link plugin.

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